Kyle Hon Chan

Kyle Hon Chan is the Student Leadership Team Representative at the Student Union. He’s been a part of the SU for the past two years and is really involved at Stuy. He loves the performing arts, especially music, and plays a big part in many school-wide productions such as SING! and SOS. He’s also the founder and president of Stuyvesant Philharmonic, a band club. (you should join if you play an instrument!) He’s a Big Sib and is on the Lower Secretariat of Administration in Model UN.

Outside of Stuy, Kyle is passionate about business, finance, and social issues. He’s an AAPI Youth Ambassador for Act to Change and an intern for a State Senator in Brooklyn. He also works for Accenture, a business firm, and hopes to continue that path in the future. He’s a cruciverbalist (one who loves crosswords!) and has even published one for the Humor Department of the Spectator. In his limited free time, he enjoys golfing.