Eugene Park

Eugene Park is the Deputy Chief Financial Officer of the Student Union. In the past years, she was a member of the SU budget Department and the director of the Sophomore Caucus Finance department. She took part in the ‘21-‘22 SING! executive group. As producer, she managed finance related responsibilities of the production. Eugene is involved in various sports teams, either as a player or a manager. She is also a Big Sib and a teacher and Director of Social Media for StuyKorea.

Outside of Stuyvesant, Eugene tutors students on writing, both English and Korean. She also spends time studying computer science (her new passion!) and business with her peers, with an ultimate goal of launching a project next year. This summer, apart from the educational activities, Eugene is practicing cheer for the ‘22-‘23 season. She is also traveling to places around the world to see her childhood friends!