Amanda Cisse

Amanda Cissé is the Stuyvesant Student Union Vice President and NYCDOE Student Leadership Team Representative, and was the ’21-’22 Sophomore Caucus President! Outside of the SU, she is involved in Stuyvesant’s community as Vice President of the Black Students League and the Guidance Office’s Respect-for-All Month Student Coordinator. She will serve as a ’22-’23 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion representative for Stuyvesant at the NYCDOE. Amanda also enjoys exercise, running with Stuy’s track team, and writing for the Spectator.

Outside of Stuyvesant, Amanda pursues her interests in government and economics. She works at the International Socioeconomics Laboratory as the Editor in Chief of their annual research journal, and is an ambassador for the Harvard Undergraduate Women-in-Business “BOLD” annual conference.