William Vongphanith

William Vongphanith is the Assistant Director of IT of the Student Union. He has been involved in several Computer Science-related activities, including StuyPy, StuyPulse, and StuyDevs (someone needs to change the naming scheme), and tries to create applications that help Stuy students out (though they don’t turn out too well).

During his free time, he’s either programming, tracking (in the musical sense), or rambling on about how that advertisement uses the same font as Talos does. As for programming, much of his experience lies in Artificial Intelligence and Decision-Making. Last summer, he took a graduate-level computational linear algebra course that led into computational machine learning, so that means stuff like video background removal, image generation (like DALL·E 2), and image stitching. This summer, he has been working at a nonprofit focused on linguistics, developing apps to help immigrants learn English, especially when they speak low-resource languages. He also hosts an unofficial Stuyvesant Minecraft server (that was once owned by StuyPulse) and probably spends too much time chatting with other students over Discord.