Ben Pan

Ben Pan is the Co-Director of IT of the Student Union. Previously, he was a member of the IT Department of the SU and Junior Caucus. He is actively involved in STEM activities at Stuyvesant, being a member of the Math Team for three years and the Co-President of the Competitive Coding Club. He also writes for many student publications, from the sports section of the Spectator to the theoretical CS section of the Stuyvesant Math Survey.

Outside of Stuyvesant, Ben is passionate about computer science and technology in general. He was a teaching assistant for an undergraduate-level CS course and also took a graduate-level course. He interned for a startup in the air industry (the next time you reserve a seat through an online travel agency, there is a chance that he built the software for that!). In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing and watching soccer, and of course, coding.